Instant Handlebars.js book

A few months ago, I had the opportunity to participate in the book Instant Handlebars.js as a technical reviewer.

The book is now on sale on packtpub website. The book covers the following topics:

  • Create and display templates on your pages
  • Extend Handlebars with custom helpers
  • Organize your code with partials
  • Optimize your development environment

The Instant series are a collection of short books, that offer fast and focused guide delivering immediate results.



Tip of the week – run html pages from Github

Did you know you could easily run an HTML page from Github?

The solution is rawgithub !

Just go to the file you would like to run and click on raw button. This will show the page but served as text/plain and not text/html.

So that you run the file as text/html on the url just delete the dot from rawgithub.



Very nice to share code or show some demos, but, beware, this is not for production! This is not an alternative to hosting services!

Check Can I use on a production website?