Impactjs a JavaScript Game Engine

Hi all,

My new adventure is development of HTML5 and Javascript games.

After reading a lot about HTML5 and Javascript games I understood that the best thing would be to use a game engine framework.

The question is which one would be the best choice? With the proliferation of Javascript game engines this is not an easy task. So I started with CraftyJS. I think this is a good choice for someone that is starting with game development but, I felt that it lacks a few things. So I kept with my research and testing and I opt for ImpactJS. Even though it is not free, I felt it was better for me. Why did I choose it:

  • Good support
  • Lot of open source games
  • Includes a game level editor
  • Includes a publishing tool for iOS App Store with native-like performance
  • Books with source code
  • Well maintained and updated
  • Good community

And for these reason it was my choice for future game development. I will keep posting whenever I have news on this.


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